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I have developed two programs.

The anti-aging program is designed for those that want to be aggressive with their health.

The memory loss program is for those with mild cognitive impairment and early dementia.



When you sign up for the program we will get to work immediately. We will do a full, detailed history. We will discuss your goals together. Are there specific symptoms that need addressing? Are you most concerned with attacking the disease of aging and increasing your potential longevity? We will obtain laboratory studies to search for any metabolic issues that need addressing. We can do tests to determine your biological age.


​We will then develop a plan together.


Treatments will include the aggressive treatment of medical risk factors along with specific medications that directly fight the aging process. Most of the medications we use are reasonably inexpensive.

Below are some of the prescription medications that I use.

1. METFORMIN: this medication has been used for many years to treat diabetes as well as other medical conditions. It is extremely safe and has been shown to increase the healthy lifespan. In fact, diabetic patients who take metformin have been shown to outlive non-diabetics.

2. RAPAMYCIN: Also known as sirolimus and the brand name drug Rapamune, this compound has been shown to dramatically increase the lifespan of all organisms that it has been tested on. It is typically used medically as an immune modulator for patients with organ transplants. While this may sound scary, we use it in much lower doses and intermittently. This dramatically decreases the chances of adverse events.

3. DASATINIB: this is a medication used for certain malignancies. We use it very differently. When taken only 1-2 times PER YEAR, this medication has been shown to help the body clear senolytic cells. These are cells that have basically stopped dividing but are not being cleared by the body naturally. They can cause an inflammatory response and lead to age-related changes. It is typically dosed along with another agent, the most tested being the supplement Quercetin.

We will combine these medications with other medications and supplements to directly combat any bothersome symptoms that you may have, such as joint pain, fatigue, and sleep issues. 



The Memory Loss Program includes many of the treatments included in the Anti-Aging Program. It also includes specific treatments directed at early dementia and Mild Cognitive Impairment. There are a number of medications that have demonstrated efficacy in studies, both in animals and humans. These medications are well tolerated and typically inexpensive. We will develop a program specifically for each patient.

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